At first, many people thought that cancer is a disease that affects only older people. But now even small children are getting cancer. Cancer specialist Dr. Ritu Lamichhane says that the treatment of cancer in children is possible, but since the cause of cancer in children has not been discovered, it is difficult to prevent this disease. Why do children get cancer? When a child is in the womb, it has the maximum chance of having a genetic mutation and later developing cancer. It has not yet been possible to find out what causes changes in gin. Cancer in children is also found due to some hereditary reasons. What are the most common cancers in children? There are different types of cancer seen in children, in which cancer can occur from the cells of every organ, starting from the blood cells. The most common cancer in children is blood cancer. Other common cancers are lymphoma, brain tumor, kidney tumor, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma, muscle and bone tumors. How can children be protected from cancer? There are no screening tests for childhood cancer that can detect cancer early. But it can be detected only after its symptoms appear. What are its symptoms? · Fever for a long time. · Anemia. · The child is becoming weak. · Seeing blue spots on the body. · Bleeding from the nose or gums. Body pain, swelling. · Constant headache and vomiting. All these symptoms are mainly seen. If you see these symptoms, you should consult a doctor. How much is possible to treat cancer in children? Cancer treatment in children has an 80 percent chance of cure. The later cancer is detected, the more complicated it becomes. Every cancer has a different treatment method. So there is a high chance of recovery. Similarly, if there is a fourth stage, it has spread to many places. Treatment becomes more complicated. What is the treatment method? Its treatment is chemo therapy which is treated through drugs. The other is surgery, radio therapy, now the newly arrived immunotherapy and stem cell transplant (stem cell transplant). It is treated according to the type and condition of cancer.

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