Day and night use of phone, computer, TV has a negative effect on the eyes. Recently, due to increasing pollution, dust particles in the eyes, irritation due to toxic fumes, itchy eyes and tears are increasing. Pay attention to these things so that the eyes do not become weak. 1. Even experts who reduce the use of technology are now emphasizing on the minimum use of phones, computers, etc. Working on the computer in the office may be your compulsion, but not at home. Stay away from computers and mobile phones at home.   2. Do not eat nutritious food just to fill your stomach. Include those things in your diet, which have a direct impact on your eye health. Include as much nutritious and protein-rich foods as possible in your meals. Eat plenty of green vegetables like spinach, fish, fruits etc. These foods do not cause dry eye syndrome. 3. Eye examination from time to time If there is irritation in the eyes while working on the computer, if there are spots in the eyes or tears coming from the eyes, then the eyes should be examined. Even if the eyesight is completely fine or there is no problem with reading, you should have an eye examination at least once a year. 4. Blink If you work on the computer for a long time, blink your eyes at least three to four times every second. It keeps the eyes fresh and stress free. By doing this, there is no strain on the eyes. 5. Exercise for eyes Exercise to maintain good eyes and health. Rub both palms together. After the palm is warm, put it lightly on the eyes. By doing this, eye strain and pain are reduced. When coming from outside, sprinkle water in the eyes, it removes the dust particles and does not harm the eyes.

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