Back pain is not a disease. However, today this problem has become common. This problem has started to be seen in young and old people as well. Due to running around, busy lifestyle, sitting at the computer for a long time, sitting in one place wrongly and not exercising, the problem of back pain is increasing in everyone. Muscles around the waist, problems in the spine, pinched nerves and other things also hurt. Most people report lower back pain due to cold. However, it has not been scientifically confirmed. According to the patient’s experience, cold weather aggravates back pain caused by muscles. Especially when people don’t move so much in winter, it can increase its pain. However, even if you are suffering from bone problems and nerve problems, the cold will tighten the muscles, the nerves are torn or the bones are broken, but even if the cold does not directly affect the nerves and bones, the cold will tighten the surrounding muscles, so the back pain due to the bones or other reasons will increase with the cold. . For this it is necessary to avoid cold. These are the ways to avoid cold:- Tightening waist belt, elastic belt can be used, physical exercise, heating device and hot water bag can be used, massaging with different oils available in the market increases blood circulation which gives relief. What is the diagnosis? If you have constant back pain, where should you contact a doctor? If there are other problems in the waist, related physiotherapy and acupuncture can also be done according to the doctor’s suggestion. If there is a case that does not require much treatment, sauna, steam bath, massages and hot baking can be done as needed. These methods are very effective. Food also helps in curing back pain. In which hot drinks can be drunk, using turmeric in milk. You can drink hot food mixed with ginger and honey. Moreover, one should not sit in one position for a long time and work. It makes the pain worse. Similarly, staying up late in winter should not be done. It also causes the cold to settle quickly in the body.

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