Without enough sleep, our body remains sluggish, due to which aging also comes quickly.
If you want to look energetic all the time, don’t compromise on sleep.
Experts from Stockholm University have found in a research that people who do not get enough sleep look less attractive, less healthy and unhappy than those who get enough sleep.
If you want to look young, attractive and healthy, then adopt proper sleeping habits and get enough sleep.
Researcher Dr.
According to Meadows, sleeping at least 6 hours and at most 8 hours is necessary for health.
Researchers believe that if you want to maintain your beauty, sleep directly on the bed, i.e. sleeping on your back.
Sleeping puts pressure on our face, due to which the collagen breaks down and fine lines appear on the face.
This way of sleeping is effective in enhancing our beauty.
Smartphones and laptops have a profound effect on our sleep.
Meadows says these devices interfere with sleep.
It is dangerous to wake up before sleeping. Sleeping time is called the golden hour.
Due to its obstruction, the production and secretion of hormones that have a good effect on the body are hindered.
If the bedroom or bed is messy, the cortisol hormone will ul

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