Due to the problem of tea, hair starts falling.
To get rid of it, people use different types of hair products, home remedies.
But do you know why there is tea in the hair?
In fact, when the blood circulation in the head and scalp is weak, there is a problem of tea.
When the head does not get enough nutrition, it becomes weak.
Hair becomes dry and starts falling from the roots.
Yogasana is beneficial to remove the problem of tea from the root.
By practicing yoga regularly, hair can be strengthened from the roots of the head.
Adhomukh Shvanasana yoga asana is useful for removing tea.
This yoga asana has many other benefits.
Adhomukh Svanasana Adhomukh Svanasana is also called Adhomukh Mudra.
By performing this asana, proper amount of oxygen flows to the roots of the hair.
Its regular use helps to get rid of hair fall.
Doing this asana improves blood circulation.
How to do Adhomukh Svanasana – To do this asana, stand straight on the mat.
– Now bend the body from the waist and lean forward and touch the ground with both hands.
– During this period, keep a distance of about two feet between the feet and the hands.
-Now moving the arms forward, bring the head closer to the ground.
– Do not bend elbows and knees.
Stay in this pose for 30 to 40 seconds and then stand up straight.

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