Kathmandu – The tradition of celebrating pregnancy is not very old.
Previously, pregnant women tried to cover themselves as much as possible.
He used to wear loose clothes so that his growing belly could not be seen.
Now the situation and state of mind are different.

When the baby grows and the size of the belly increases, it is considered as a celebration.
So it started with celebrities.

Like, actress Shweta Khadka.
Recently, she shared her pregnancy picture on social media.
Dressed in a red lehenga choli, she has posed for a photoshoot.
Her husband Vijayendra Singh Raut is also in the picture.
They have taken some photos in Premil Bhavhangima.

Actress Shweta got married last December.
Lately, she is more active in business than films.
Shweta entered the film industry with ‘Kan Manteela’.

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