Tiktok is an app that is very popular among the young generation.

They have spent a lot of effort and expense to make Tiktok.
This app, which can make videos up to 3 minutes, is popular not only among young people, but also among children and the elderly.
Many people have become famous for their acting on Tik’Tak. 22-year-old Pabitra Sanki from Amargadhi Municipality 8 Latau’li of Dadeldhu’ra has now become viral on Tik’Tak with the name ‘Miss Pabi’.

A year ago, his Tik Tok profile had only a few thousand followers.
She used to upload videos speaking in Dadeldhuri language.
But many people started liking Tiktok with the Tiktok video in Deldhuri language spoken by him.
Many people liked this video on Tiktok where I spoke in Dadeldhu’ra language more than ‘Git, Dance’.

I became viral with the video I spoke in Dadeldhuri language.
After going viral on Tiktok, offers for music videos and advertisements come, I have acted in music videos and advertisements. She said,

Currently, he has more than 557,700 floors on his TikTok account and more than 16 and a half million have liked his TikTok videos.
After going viral on Tik Tok, he gets offers to act in music videos.

So far, she has acted in 8 music videos.
She has prepared to act in some music videos.

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