We also call laser surgery refractive surgery.
This surgery is done to remove the glasses of people who wear glasses.
Such surgery is performed for people in professions where glasses are not allowed, such as army, pilot, model etc.
Some people don’t even like to wear glasses.
Such people can remove glasses by doing this surgery.
There are many types of laser surgeries in laser surgery.
The most common surgery in Tilganga is ‘Smile’ surgery.
It is called SMILE (Small Incision Lenticool Extraction).
Lenticool is a small piece of the pupil of the eye, which is extracted through an incision, so this surgery is called smile surgery.
Laser is used in this surgery.
In this, a laser is given to the pupil in the eye, which changes the shape of the pupil.
Because of this, there is no need to wear glasses.
In the smile surgery, the lasered tissue called the lenticule is taken out.
After taking it out, the shape of the pupil of the eye changes from before, after the shape change, there is no need to wear glasses.

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