• Bible study;This question must be answered.  There is nothing more important than the accuracy of your copy of the Word of God.

G.A. Riplinger, who has researched and written volumes on Bible translations, has recently added a rebuttal booklet to those challenging the Authorized King James Version.  One critic in particular is Robert Morey, author and media personality.  Morey says, “Only about 50 readings are problematic and all of them would fit on one page.”  It must be noted that Satan’s entire deception of Eve took place in just five verses.  Riplinger writes:

A full collation of the Greek editions underlying most modern translations reveals that they differ from the Greek Text underlying the KJV in 9,970 of the 140,521 words.  This 7% change would cover 45 pages of text—not as Morey claimed—1 page.  Of these differences, nearly 3,600 are omissions; it’s a much shorter Greek text.  This includes the omission of 20 (Nestles 23rd) and 17 (UBS 3rd) whole verses.  In another 3,146 places, a completely different Greek word is used (not just a difference in spelling).

In addition to the 7% difference in underlying Greek texts, new versions use ‘Dynamic Equivalencies.’  These are word changes which occur in NO Greek or Hebrew text. The NASB uses about 4,000 and the NKJV uses about 2,000.  The NIV uses 6,653.

The NIV has 64,098 less words than the KJV.  This omission of approximately 10% of the Bible—reduces a typical 1,700-page Bible by 170 pages, not 1 page. [End of quote]

Note:  The number-one contender for the Authorized King James Version’s position of correctness is the NIV (New International Version).  Most who are using the NIV have a translation published before 2011 and are fully unaware that things have changed substantially.  Their NIV is no longer being published.  The new NIV, which was available online for review November 1, 2010, was scheduled for a printed release of March 2011, but with no name change.  It will still be called the NIV, yet 5% of its contents will have changed. That’s about 76 pages worth of additional changes.  Remember, Satan (Genesis 3) added one word and a question mark and ushered in the law of sin and death.  Some will recall that, in 2005, the TNIV was published, which some have called the “gender-neutral Bible,” but with no sales success.  They have taken the TNIV and merged its content with the pre-2011 NIV.  The following paragraph is from http://www.biblica.com/niv/:

In addition, particular attention was paid to external feedback in the area of gender language.  (See: What was decided about inclusive language, page 4)  As the CBT stated in announcing the planned update, every single gender-related change made from the 1984 NIV to the TNIV was reconsidered.  Some were preserved, some were rescinded in favor of the 1984 rendering, and many were re-worded in a third, still different, way. [End of quote]

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